Soi Finance Ecosystem


1. How to access:

To access this feature, please follow these steps:

2. General information

(1) Summary of your current rank:
  • Your stake: The current amount of SOI you are staking in this section
  • $SOI left to next rank: The amount of SOI that needs to be staked more to reach the next rank Total $SOI staked:
  • Total amount of SOI that all users staked in this section
(2) Overview of the ranking system:
  • $SOI Required: Minimum amount of SOI staked to reach the corresponding rank
  • Winner Selection: Allocation method (Lottery or Guarantee) Max Individual Allocation:
  • Maximum Allocation of each user
  • Withdrawal Delay: or the cooldown time, is the period between when users unstake SOI on Soi Staking and when they can claim the unstaked SOI to their wallet.
(3) Stake tab: This is the part where you stake SOI to upgrade your rank
(4) Unstake tab: This is the part where you unstake SOI
(5) Legendary Raking tab: List of 12 users in Legend rank - stake the most SOI

3. Stake

Enter the amount of you want to stake, then click the "Stake" . After this step, your tokens will be successfully staked.