Soi Finance Ecosystem

Soi Trade


SOI Trade is able to offer a powerful trading experience similar to that of a centralized exchange (CEX)
If you've ever been annoyed by the total absence of an order book, charting, or reliable limit orders on other DEXs, we think you're going to love trading on SOI Trade.


SOI Trade's liquidity comes both from its own liquidity pools and other launchpads. This means more liquidity and less slippage for SOI traders.


When you make a swap in a SOI liquidity pool, the transaction is charged a 0.25% fee of which:
0.22% is redeposited into the liquidity pool and acts as a reward for liquidity providers.
0.03% is sent to the staking pool and acts as a reward for those staking their SOI tokens.
Network fee: A nominal amount of SOL is also required to process Solana network fees on each trade. Most transactions cost between 0.0001 — 0.001 SOL.