Soi Swap is a decentralized service that supports swapping at the best rate.
Soi Services is a decentralized, trustless and non-custodial service that supports swapping between stablecoins and fiats, cryptocurrency pairs, and even meme tokens at the best rate.
The problem of most DeFi projects is liquidity, which causes price slippage. The price slippage is closely tied with market depth and measures the difference between the expected price of a trade and the price level arrived at after execution. High price slippage typically indicates a market is less liquid. Soi Swap Services solved this problem of low liquidity using our technology to facilitate transactions with minimal slippage.
Soi’s Aggregating Engine will find the AMMs with the best liquidity among the network's AMMs to divide, match, and execute user orders. The Aggregating Engine will divide an order into many parts and execute each part in a different AMM to lower the risk of price slippage.