Soi Finance Ecosystem


Soi Finance team is aiming for the top, and with unlimited resources, the team strives to manage a variety of products.
Our new roadmap includes the following major milestones:
Phase 1: Core Products
  • ​Soi Pad: is focused on supporting crypto startups with fundraising and software development until they are robust enough to launch on their own successfully.
  • Soi NFT Marketplace: Like in the real world, valuable assets will be traded through the NFT marketplace on the Soi Finance platform.
Phase 2: Scale
  • Soi Trade: Soi Trade is able to offer a powerful trading experience.
  • Soi Services: Soi offers multiple financial features like borrowing, lending, staking, liquidity, farming,...
Phase 3: Expand
  • Soi Insights: Soi Insights gives users the most interesting and helpful information in the cryptocurrency market coming from experts and professionals.
  • Soi News: Soi News updates you with the latest and most accurate news surrounding the Blockchain world.