Soi Finance Ecosystem

How to buy SOI token on Raydium

How to use Raydium Exchanges on Web browser

Step 1: Access to the Raydium’s website: Then select Launch App.
Step 2: Choose Connect Wallet at the top right corner
Step 3: You need to fill out some information to conduct the transaction:
  • Please enter Smart Contract of SOI token here.
The $SOI Smart Contract is : FKckG972VE5yGEsHLwL9MfGEXTaYTvEn9KZ4Qf22dTgc
Step 4: Adjust the amount you want to trade. Choose Swap to complete.
Step 5: Click Sign to confirm the transaction.
  • You can adjust the Slippage Tolerance level according to your needs by clicking the symbol in the upper right corner of the screen. In this case, the default Slippage is set at 2%. You can trade with the default slippage or adjust to the higher slippage to ensure the highest success rate.
  • You need to carefully read the information displayed before trading such as the amount that you expect to receive, price impact (the difference between the market price and the estimated price provided by Raydium).
  • The arrow in the middle of the trading interface is used to switch between the buying and selling positions. You need to check carefully before making any transactions.
  • After swapping successfully, you can review your balance to check the traded tokens or check instantly at SolScan via:​
  • Unlike the Swap on Ethereum where the transaction will be cancelled if the price is higher than the acceptable slippage, Swap on Raydium will fill your order up to the worst price and cancel the rest.